Monday, June 20, 2011

Classes and Cafes.

Khalas yesterday we began our first day of INTENSIVE Arabic classes. And by intensive I do mean 5 hours of serious MSA (Modern Standard Arabic) and Colloquial Jordanian instruction, plus homework...but we are learning lots of phrases and words that we can put into practice immediately in a real context which is certainly a great opportunity.

My favorite class is Ammiyya (colloquial dialect) class. We learn to speak like Jordanians and I have personally witnessed a difference in the way taxi drivers respond when they are spoken to in their local dialect. After the first Ammiya class my usual 2 dinar taxi ride to school miraculously became 1,25!... hmm a coincidence la a'arif (I dont know)

Our class is really motivated to learn and we all help eachother out. Our teachers are encouraging us to use the new words we learn as much as we can and ya'ani (u know) we are working hard to do so.

Not all my time is spent in class here in Amman, sah (right) we do still make time to check out new places in the city and to relax with friends.

The other night we went to a hip cafe on the famous Sharea Reenbow (Rainbow Street). It is a very artsy street with tons of shops, cafes and parks where many young Jordanians hang out. We walked down to the end of the street where the Books@cafe is located and had some shay (tea) on the balcony overlooking the city at night. The view was amazing!! And the shay was yummy as always :)

So many new things to do and see!! and hear - 5 times a day ;) I wish I could record the call to prayer that we can hear form our flat, it can be heard all over the city and is really peaceful  :)

Ok gotta get some zzzz's long day of exploring tomorrow!


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