Monday, June 27, 2011

The Family

So in Jordan when you stay with a host family you don't just meet mom, dad and the meet the sister, the grandma, the neighbor, the neighbors dog, and all the friends of the family who by the way are free to drop in at any given time and hang out for lunch, tea, argila (hookah) and cards.

Lol but meeting the family has been an entertaining affair and it has been fun being included in the family activities and outings. :) Some days we all pile into the car and go, usually it is to the supermarket, but of course we make a stop at Teta's (Grandma's) on the way- this tends to last several hours and then after finally making it to the store we come home, make dinner and sit around with the family talking and later watching the Arabic News.

Today was one of those days...we had a huge lunch because Subhi one of our program directors came over to eat with us. Our host family prepared a famous Palestinian dish called Ma'luba which is yellow rice, roasted chicken, onions and lebaneh. And when we walked in we found the whole family including the grandma and our host mom's sister. Needless to say it turned into a party. We all crowded around the table and passed around the salad, the leban and the Ma'lube. The food was so delicious and we all had fun laughing and talking about traveling, Jordanian life etc... After a while, tea was prepared as well as turkish coffee (kind of like Cuban cafe) and we sat and talked with Teta, Subhi and our host parents. The kids were running around and playing and we spent most of the afternoon like this.

Afterwards we went to visit a family friend and then later once we got back home worked on homework.

Whew a full day indeed!

Well that's all for today, but we are heading to Mt. Nebo and the Baptism site of Jesus this weekend so I hope to have many more stories to share!!


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