Friday, June 17, 2011

Lost Luggage and the Dead Sea

Well... after several hours I finally arrived - in Madrid.  Even just being in the airport brought back nice memories of my time in Sevilla :) lol guess what the first thing i did was when we landed? That is besides finding my gate, ordering a "un manchado"of course!!

The rest of my journey was nice, I met a lady from Madaba and a little boy and his family who spoke spanish, arabic and english :) The lady helped me out so much when we arrived in Amman, because somehow my bag had got lost so she helped me file a claim. Lol long story but apparently it somehow ended up in France and will be here sometime soon.

Reem's family has been more than hospitable :)  they welcomed me into their home and helped me get settled, find a phone, and try some Arabic food.

Yesterday we met up with some of Reem's friends from Amman and we headed to the Dead Sea. We went to a day resort called O Beach which was beautiful! It included several pools and access to the famously salty Dead Sea.

After swimming and a nice lunch we headed down to the sea. There were giant salt rocks surrounding the water and a little boardwalk to help eager swimmers climb in safely. As soon as I got in, I tasted the water - probably not the best idea in the world but hey- and man was it SALTY. We all had fun taking pictures and floating around like corks. Then we watched the sunset as we headed back to Amma. :)

In Jordan people eat dinner later in the evening once things cool off around which is usually around 9 or 10pm. One of Reem's friends invited us over for a party at her Aunts house after we got back from the Dead Sea. We got ready and headed over for an evening of fun! Tala welcomed us into the party introducing us to her family and friends. We had kibeh, tabouleh, hommos, lahm...and lots of delicous food and after we ate and sang happy birthday (in english, arabic and french lol) they put on music and the party continued.

Today needless to say we took it easy, had a nice late breakfast and hung out with the family :) Amman is great so far and I am really excited to start classes and explore more of the city.

Shookran to Reem and her family who have been so gracious to host me these past few days!!


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  1. Very nice! Reem je veľmi dobrá kamarátka, alebo čo :)