Saturday, June 25, 2011


Here in Jordan the weekend does not begin on Friday, but rather the day before :) So Thurday nights in Amman are full of energy and practically the whole city goes out to Sharea Reenbow or Sharea Wakalat to have some shay (tea) or shawerma (kebob style chicken) or just to hang out with friends.

We had heard about a film festival coming to Amman, so on Thursday night we decided to check it out.  We arrived a bit early so we could scope out some seats but ended up sitting on some cusions in the front next to a family who had packed a whole picnic dinner :) The show was outdoors and we had a wonderful view of the city at night.

The director was there and it was so interesting to hear him speak about his creative process and how important film making was to him. The film was called MICROPHONE and it was about the underground music scene in Alexandria, Egypt. We all want to find the movie soundtrack somewhere becuse it included Arabic rap, hiphop and even bluegrass! :)

On Friday I met up with my cousin Marlene and she came over to have lunch with me and my host family. It was so great to see her lol especially on the other side of the world. We ate rooz ma jadara (rice with lentils) and it was yummy!! Then we headed to Mecca Mall and later on we went to the famous Souq Jara (Friday Market).

The Souq has everything from jewelry, to handmade rugs to fresh falafel and fruit juice. Marlene and I tried a Watermelon smoothie wich essentially was crushed fresh watermelon and ice- really refreshing and tasty!!

Then we headed to AMIGOS a local hangout near the Souq. We met up with some other kids form our program and we watched Star Academy- A Lebanese version of American Idol with contestants from all over the Arab world.

It has been a fun weekend so far!


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