Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Last days in Amman

It has been quite a journey and I cannot believe it is coming to a close already... I will miss the wonderful people I have met and the cool places I have visited on this trip.

From going to cafes for late night argila, to walking through the souks, to traveling around the region, Jordan has been full of fun and learning. It has been so wonderful to spend time with my cousin and I am forever grateful for her letting me crash on her couch for the past 2 weeks. :) Also I want to say a huge thank you to my host family who welcomed me into their home as a member of the family. I will miss hanging out at the house, cooking with Rose, talking with Faten watching the news with Waseem, and playing with lulu and tutu :) If you guys ever come to Amreeka please know you are welcome to stay with me.

Tomorrow I will be heading back to the states!! Cant wait to see my family :)

As for tonight we are planning to go to a Lebanese place for one last dinner all together.

Ma'selema and shookran (thanks) for reading!

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