Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mass in Arabic

SO last Sunday we decided to go to mass at a local church. It is a normal workday for most Jordanians so mass is in the evening. After class, we decided to grab a cab and head to an area of Amman called Weibdeh to a "kaneesa latina"(catholic church).

The service was in Arabic and it was fun to follow along with the hymns and prayers. lol it was a challenge to keep up at times but overall the experience was a good one. The congregaton was really welcoming and at the end of the mass the priest actually invited all the "Amrekeyoon" ie the five of us, to come up to the front of the church so he could introduce us to the church community.

We were then invited to have coffee after mass and several people came up to us to personally welcome us and to talk about the United States (some of them had family there or had been there to study).


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