Wednesday, July 13, 2011

These are some pictures from the King Houssein Mosque in Amman. It is a giant mosque built to hole up to 5,000 people. It can be seen from most of the city and has become a major landmark. It is surrounded by a garden free to the public which includes soccer fields, tennis courts and walking paths. Many families come out after the sun goes down to have some hookah, go for a walk or just simply to enjoy the nice weather.

Durring the hot summer months the city hosts a festival called Amman Summer. Last night Reem took Kate and I to the festival and we had a great time looking through the bazzars and watching the performances.

Reem works for a microfinance organizations that helps women in Jordan start their own small businesses. The women had booths last night and were selling jewelry, soap, food and all kinds of handmade things.  It was really great to see how their businesses were growing and hearing about how their small businesses were employing other people in the community as well. :)

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