Friday, July 1, 2011

Old Amman

These past 2 weeks have flown by and I am trying to make sure I see as much of Amman as I can before I leave. 

This weekend we are going to Madaba, and Mt. Nebo with the program and then next weekend we are off to Petra and Wadi Rum. There are so many cool places to check out!! 

On a side note: our host family has been teaching us how to haggle at the downtown souqs (markets) and I am happy to say that I bought a scarf today for half the original price lol the trick seems to be that you have to pretend you dont really "have" to buy it and you have to be willing to walk away (the seller will usually call after you or follow after you with a much more reasonable price).

We also went to a famous downtown restaurant for breakfast this morning. It is caled Hashems and is known throughout Jordan for having the best falafel in town. This humble little establishment is tucked in between two busy storefronts and has a small green sign. On Friday mornings the restaurant spills out into the alley and the street as well as the neighboring garage. Folding tables and chairs are everywhere and people form all over Jordan come to eat there with their families and friends. Even the King and Queen dropped by for a Friday breakfast with their family a few years ago (Their picture is proudly displayed in the wall along with other well known actors, politicians and ministry officials) 

The pictures I uploaded prior to this post dipict the downtown markets and the front of Hashems restaurant as well as my roommate, host mom, host dad, and one of my host sisters.

Ok well we are off to explore some more!


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  1. Ja som veľmi proud of Tvoje haggling skills. I never really haggled really, but am looking fwd to practice this (also Armenian) skill.
    Maybe you can post more great tips!? :)